Electricity this winter: 7 activities that will become impossible in the event of a power cut


The operator of the French electricity transmission network RTE announces a high risk of so-called “load shedding” cuts this winter, and more particularly in January. Indeed, in the context of the energy crisis, not only are prices soaring, but the French electricity network could find itself under high, even very high voltage…

In which case, it will be necessary to carry out load shedding measures in order to escape the generalized blackout. These load shedding measures would result in scheduled power cuts, lasting approximately 2 hours. These targeted cuts would allow the rebalancing of the distribution of electricity on the scale of the metropolitan territory.

Rest assured you won’t find yourself in the dark and without heating by surprise. The network managers will warn in advance of the implementation of preventive cuts. Keep an eye on the EcoWatt site, the “electricity weather forecast”. Indeed, in the event of a red EcoWatt signal for 3 consecutive days, RTE will confirm on the third day a potential outage for the following day. The evening before, around 9:30 p.m., it will be possible to find out using your postal address if your accommodation will be affected by the cuts.

Certain infrastructures will be systematically spared, so that you do not risk being exposed to cuts if you live near a hospital for example. Public lighting is also on the relatively small list of services that will not suffer load shedding.

Find below all the things you will not be able to do in the event of a power outage in your sector.