Snow storm: villages in Bavaria and Berchtesgaden snowed in


    the Blocked roads, cut off districts, school failures and other fatal skiing accident: Huge amounts of snow dominate life in many Parts of southern Bavaria and Austria. There is a 62-year-old teacher died in the presence of his students after a skiing accident. In the case of Berchtesgaden, around 350 people are stuck and have to be supplied by trucks with food.

    The only road to the book height in the vicinity of the upper salt mountain was closed until further notice, said a spokesman for the district office Berchtesgaden on Wednesday. The morning had been started to clear the tracks. Several trees threatened under the heavy snow load to topple and should be like.
    forces were able to reach the snowed-dwellers across the street.

    In Bavaria, the municipality of Jachenau snowed in: you currently connects only a small forest road with the outside world: Thus the residents in the coming days, do not run out of food, will also provide a truck on Wednesday food in the place. Due to numerous under the snow load, overturned trees, the state remains locked road to Lenggries and Walchensee until probably Friday, as a spokesman for the State Department said because home. A clear the line was not currently possible, because more trees are falling over threatened. Residents of the Jachenau and the use of force could achieve on the small forest road to the municipality. The people were not completely cut off from the outside world. Local paramedics are also stationed, said the spokesman.

    Meanwhile, the weather in Bavaria and Austria is in many places an ever-greater threat. After on Tuesday already, in some Parts of Styria has the highest avalanche warning level has been declared, this is since Wednesday in the Federal state of Salzburg and in the Ybbstaler Alps in lower Austria. “The risk of large Avalanches is very, very high,” said the head of the civil protection, the province of Styria, Harald Eitner, the German press Agency.