Sweets, symbol of childhood… Whether we have a sweet palate or rather a salty craving, we devoured everything, in our childhood, sweets by the shovel. Haribo sweets, Easter chocolates, cookies of all kinds… Some of these products, which have become cults, have even crossed the generations.

For example, the mythical Carambar, or the Magnificat, from Lutti, a caramel sold today in a few resistant shops, has been seducing young and old since 1936.

At the giant of the sector, Haribo, the famous “teddy bears” have filled the shelves of supermarkets for more than 100 years…

And then, above all, some products do not seem ready to go out of fashion, such as playful cotton candy, marshmallows or lollipops…

But conversely, several candies, which were very popular in their time, have gradually disappeared from the shelves… Will you recognize, in our slideshow, these 7 candies from the 1960s to 1980s which have now disappeared?

The nostalgia for sweets was also highlighted in Renaud’s song, which has become cult: Mistral Gagnant (1985). The title is written like a letter from the singer to his daughter, and evokes the “fabulous bonbecs” that the latter “stole from the merchant” when he himself was a kid. He quotes, in the lyrics, “Les Car-en-sac and Minto, one-franc caramels…” Or, in another verse:

And the real Roudoudous who cut our lips

And fucked our teeth

And the Mistral Winners

Sweets that have almost all disappeared today. And continue to fuel the nostalgia of gourmets.