In the Blenheim Palace at Woodstock, in the Uk, Oxfordshire, and where Winston Churchill lived in the golden toilet was stolen. This is reported in the British media on Saturday with the authority of the police. A spicy detail is that it is a very expensive toilet, it could have been part of the White House after the president, He was offered a place in a painting by van Gogh.

The highlight of the 18-carat one is called America, , and designed by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. It was moved, recently, to the sixteenth-century Blenheim Palace, after the first time it was exhibited at New York’s solomon r. Guggenheim Museum. On the roof caused serious damage, so it is linked to the Uk’s Sky News to inspector, Jess Milne.

The po is in accordance with the is about 2.5 million dollars, and it works like a normal toilet. Visitors will be allowed to, “as long as they have a couple of attract any unwanted attention from the security”.

When the toilet was still in the City, and was offered to Donald Trump. The president actually wanted to make a painting of Van Gogh’s tend to be in the White House, to hang out, but it refused to be a curator, Nancy Spector.

The woman is sent Home with the proposition of the gold toilets in the guest rooms and Melania, to install the exhibit at the museum. The White House rejected the generous offer, in the end.

at Blenheim Palace, the former home and birthplace of ex-prime minister Churchill will remain closed on Saturdays, while the matter is being investigated. Sunday, visitors can see the residential palace, built between 1705 and 1722 and again to visit. The stately country house in Oxfordshire was established in 1987 and is recognized as a world Heritage site.

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