Social security ensures access to health needs for all. For example, for an appointment with the gynecologist, she reimburses you 30 euros. A tariff serving as the basis for reimbursement to health insurance. Nevertheless, depending on the fee overrun, you will have to pay a certain additional amount. Differences in health costs borne by patients are made known depending on the place of consultation. So, in which departments are reimbursements the lowest? Find the list in our slideshow below.

A new study by the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees), the results of which were released this Friday, May 5, highlights the differences in reimbursement depending on the departments.

Some medical services have their price set by the doctor or surgeon himself. As Capital explains to us: “dental surgeons are free to set their prices for certain procedures, in particular those of orthodontics”. Why set different prices? Several factors explain this choice of health specialists. The most probable is that the standard of living of the inhabitants of the department is quite high. This economic and social criterion is often taken into account by doctors. In Île-de-France, the amount that the patient must pay is much higher than in Seine-Maritime for example. La Dress tells us in its study that “It is the standard of living of the wealthiest within the department that actually appears to be the first factor in explaining the amount of overruns”.