The industrial style is also known as urban style since it conveys an urban and very carefree image. This decorative style has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry, an architecture that has a great visual appeal.

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Industrial style interior is something that has to do with the nakedness of its structure and its materials. It has a decoration that reflects those spacious factories full of beams, bricks, and concrete.

The industrial style has a history in which young New York artists were involved in the 50s. Now, more than half a century later, the style is still in fashion, being one of the most successful styles in recent years.

In addition, this style may have certain retro and vintage touches, since we can use old elements, such as rusty or worn furniture.

Show beams and pipes:

Achieving this style inside our home is possible. But for this, we will have to open its structure. Also, we will have to choose furniture that follows this principle as wrought iron furniture with a little rust, furniture worn out over time, untreated natural woods, among many other options.

High ceilings and exposed beams:

Industrial buildings have huge roofs, which rise upwards since their purpose is for heavy machines to enter without problems. Therefore, high ceilings are also characteristic of the industrial style, since it shows its entire structure, such as, for example, the wooden beams or metal roof.

Another way to achieve an interior with this characteristic style is to use the exposed brick. In addition, you can choose between using it in its natural color and painting it white or gray, colors that reflect the industrial style very well.

It is characteristic in this style that the home has large windows:

The large windows imitate the aesthetics of the old factories, something that will also help us to better illuminate the interior of our home during the day.

Therefore, industrial-type windows are usually very large and wide, they are also subdivided into small squares or rectangles coated with a metal structure.

It is also important that we do not use curtains or other types of elements to cover the windows, in any case of wanting to enjoy some more privacy, it is recommended to use blinds.