France is coming out of a week of extreme cold, with temperatures which, locally, reached -10 degrees, such as near Strasbourg in the Grand-Est. This cold episode ends this Friday, January 12 with a return to positive temperatures. But the weather will still be just as turbulent; new disturbances are, in fact, expected in the country from next week.

Beyond the sometimes difficult conditions on certain frozen roads, this period of extreme cold will cause an increase in fine particle pollution in the atmosphere this weekend, we will explain why.

AirParif, responsible for measuring air quality, particularly in the Paris region, is clear: atmospheric pollution will increase this weekend. “Due to weather conditions preventing the dispersion of pollutants emitted locally by road traffic and residential heating, particle concentrations will be increasing and could exceed the information threshold.” If the Paris region is at the center of attention, it is the large French cities which could also be affected by this atmospheric pollution.

Beyond the pollution this weekend, the weather should be generally cool, dry and gray, with more morning frosts in the north and center of the country.

What are the first forecasts for the start of next week? A rainy disturbance could affect France as early as next Wednesday.

We take stock, region by region, of the first trends at the start of next week with Météo-France forecasts: