The passage in 2023 will mark the end of an era, that of the famous red stamp. A few weeks ago, La Poste indeed announced many changes concerning the stamps for the year 2023. Many nostalgic people have badly received the news and regret the disappearance of this traditional stamp.

However, they are not the only ones who are not satisfied. Indeed, the red stamp is not the only one to disappear: it will be accompanied by the gray, as Ouest-France reports.

Better known as Ecopli, the gray stamp does not have the popularity of its colleague but still has an advantage: it costs only 1.14 euros. At this price, it is the most economical way to send a letter.

From January 1, 2023, a new range of folds in four parts will be offered by La Poste. From now on, the cheapest stamp will be green and its price will remain unchanged: 1.16 euros. On the other hand, its delivery time will be extended by one day and will therefore now be 3 days, which remains one day less than the gray stamp.

The big novelty of 2023 will be the red e-letter, replacing the much loved red stamp. Its price will be 1.49 euros and its mode of operation will now be totally different from what La Poste has been able to offer so far. No need to leave home, all you have to do is send the letter directly via the internet before 8 p.m. for it to be printed directly, put in an envelope and delivered the next day, explain our colleagues from MoneyVox.

Another type of mailing will also make an appearance: the turquoise letter. Halfway between simple mail and registered letter, this new feature will allow delivery to be tracked without asking for a registered letter. It will be distributed in 2 days and will cost 2.95 euros.

Finally, the registered letter will not experience major changes except for its price, which will increase from 4.55 to 4.83 euros.