False calendar: the 5 scams to be wary of right now


Buying a calendar, during the holiday season, from garbage collectors, firefighters or charities is a nice gesture, which many French people indulge in, year after year. Except that some ill-intentioned people do not hesitate to enjoy this generosity in turn, by offering “false calendars” door-to-door, under the guise of fake garbage collectors, firefighters or gendarmes…

Sometimes, these same crooks take advantage of the hospitality of local residents to interfere in their accommodation, steal precious objects, or even scout for a possible burglary…

More than ever, with the holidays approaching, it is therefore necessary to be extra vigilant and not to open your door to just anyone.

So, before dropping a little note on the first canvasser who would try to sell you a calendar right now, follow these precepts to the letter:

If you suspect a scammer has knocked on your door, write down their vehicle’s license plate, or pull out your phone to capture a photo of the seller when possible.

In the meantime, discover in our slideshow the 5 calendar scams currently circulating in France, to better know how to spot them.