A couple that has lasted for more than 50 years. In 1971, Dutch singer Dave met lyricist Patrick Loiseau at a party. Love at first sight was immediate between them. The latter has also written a large part of Dave’s musical repertoire throughout his career. A sentimental, but also professional alchemy that brought them all the closer together.

“When he writes a text that I don’t like, it fucks up total shit in the couple,” he said at the microphone of the Loft Music show on Sud Radio and added: “As I always say, there is something between the stage and love. I think the most important word for someone who does the stage is the word ‘surprise’. And in the couple, it’s the same. If he there are no more surprises in the couple, it’s difficult”.

Despite this, the two artists seem more in love than ever. Pacsés, they crossed the milestone of marriage, as Dave had told in the columns of Here Paris. “We were in civil unions, we didn’t want to get married. But our friend Marc-Olivier Fogiel advised us for administrative reasons. It was a very emotional moment in California, but I still have trouble when I am told ‘your husband’. I would have preferred another word, ‘my companion’ for example”, he explained in 2022.

Moreover, the two spouses were close to death in dramatic circumstances, as Dave had revealed in Touche pas à mon poste. “We both almost died from carbon monoxide in the same villa. Take an alarm system […] the gas doesn’t smell like carbon monoxide… and you die!”, he warned.