The world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Athletics in Qatar is faced with a very serious’s image problem. The huge stadium, in Doha, even when the tracks are as good as empty. It is an innovation to make it more attractive for the viewers and the audience will also be limited in response to a complaint from the German sprintsters: “The block is the cam, it is to be intimate, because we want to be scantily clad to be.”

To add a new dimension to the start of the loopnummers to add, have been on the world CHAMPIONSHIP track and field, new close-up camera is used by programs made to run for it. As a result, the spectators, the emotion on the faces of the athletes on display. However, the use of an innovative “block cam” will be limited after receiving a complaint from two female German athletes.

The association of athletics IAAF agreed that from now on, only full frontal close-up of squatting the athletes waiting for the starting gun, and so if they are in different positions in the image, such as when the seat is in the blocks in which they, inter alia, that the camera in steps.

“Really uncomfortable”

Alex Lückenkemper and Tatjana Pinto, was because of to the fact that they had not been consulted on these cameras. Lückenkemper and Language, both of which are disabled in the semi-finals in the 100-meter and found the camera to be intimate.

“I think it’s very, very unpleasant to have such a camera the whole time as I was with our street clothes in the blocks of the step,” said Lückenkemper.


in Their complaint, was made by the German athletics club (DLV) presented at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), who are now using will be constrained. After a compromise reached late Sunday had been reached, the close-ups on big screen from now on, the athletes just have to see if they have a crouch in their blocks and ready for take-off. The images are a daily basis and will be cleared.

The former German topzwemster, Amélie Ebert, voted in favour of the complaints of the men: “I did synchronized swimming in a tight suit and often the only, with my legs out of the water. I have always asked myself why we, the athletes do not have the right to be consulted as to which pictures would be used,” she said to the German newspaper Rheinische Post. “In particular, a close-up of our break were sometimes too intimate”, she added.

in The final of the 100 metres at the vvrouwen was won by the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.