This Friday, September 30, Billy Crawford is still competing in season 12 of Dancing with the Stars on TF1. In partnership with Fauve Hautot, the singer showed last week that he is indeed a favorite for the final victory with his contemporary performance on “Hell”, the title of Stromae. Before his performance, the iconic interpreter of “Trackin” also revealed in his portrait that he had “burned out” after his success in Europe. Tired of his hectic lifestyle, he had considered dropping everything. “I was getting into alcohol … I no longer wanted to live,” he confessed to the camera.

In his portrait, he then revealed what allowed him to get out of this “hell”. “There is one thing that saved me… It was my wife. It was thanks to my wife that I found the strength to fight. I took my life back.” At the end of the show, Billy Crawford introduced his wife to viewers. She was also celebrating her 30th birthday. For the occasion, the host Camille Combal offered him a gougère.

If Coleen Garcia is unknown in France, she is however a huge star in the Phillipines. Model, actress and host, it was in 2012 on the show It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN that she met Billy Crawford, both hosts. If the complicity between the two co-hosts seemed obvious on the set, the singer nevertheless took a year to seduce the beautiful Phillipine. “For a year, I asked her to go out with me. I even told her ‘I love you’ and she replied ‘Good for you’. We ended up getting together and after four years, I asked her in marriage”, he confided to the magazine Public.

Indeed, the two lovebirds were married in 2018. From their union was born a little boy named Amari, in 2020. Together, the couple created a YouTube channel called “The Crawfords” in which they tell their daily life as young parents. Coleen decided to follow her husband to France to encourage him throughout his adventure in Dancing with the stars. With TV Mag, the artist confided that he plans to live in France. “It’s a dream. With my wife, we love culture, gastronomy… Afterwards, I have my job in the Philippines so why not live there half the year. Like Lenny Kravitz who lives part-time in the South of France,” he said.

Discover below some photos of Coleen Garcia on her Instagram account.