Cyril Féraud is a key figure in the French audiovisual landscape. The famous presenter has many strings to his bow since his fans can find him in many shows such as The Treasure Map, the Telethon, or the famous Quizz des champions.

In this show, broadcast in January 2023 for the fourth time, viewers were able to watch a game bringing together the greatest champions from TV games such as Everyone wants to take their place or Les 12 coups de midi.

But if Cyril Féraud is so famous today, it is because he has presented, since 2009, the Slam game broadcast every day on France 3. In this program, “three candidates compete on crossword puzzles that “they try to fill in by finding the answers to the proposed definitions. But to have access to the definitions, the candidates must first answer questions which have a very particular characteristic: the answer is always a letter”, summarizes France Télévisions on its website.

By presenting this daily program, the host would receive a small jackpot. Unlike many celebrities, he has always remained rather vague on the level of his salary. But, a few years ago, Cyril Hanouna had revealed on the set of his program Touche pas à mon poste, that Cyril Féraud would earn “ten thousand euros per month”, reports Here.

According to a survey carried out by our colleagues from Télé 2 Semaines, the thirties would actually receive 600 euros for each number of Slam. With around twenty programs recorded each month, this would represent a total of around 12,000 euros.