F. A. S. exclusive: Spahn appoints new experts


    the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) builds on 1. February the Council of experts for health.The body, the Berlin Economist, Beate Jochimsen, and the Heidelberg medical Christof von Kalle belong to in the future.

    Jochimsen had participated in the previous parliamentary term of the German Bundestag Commission on “growth, prosperity, quality of life,” which discussed parallel to the government initiative “living Well in Germany” on happiness indicators as an Alternative to the gross domestic product. The cancer expert from Kalle had defended in the past, the high costs for the therapy of tumor diseases.

    The two solve the Coroner Marion Haubitz and the Economists Eberhard Wille, the longtime Chairman of the panel that was created last time in the dispute over the reduction of the additional contributions for health insurance with Spahn.