A new couple for 2023. Since January 23 on M6, Scenes of households has welcomed Christine and Gilbert, the sixties of fiction. Played by the actors Fanny Cottençon and Didier Bénureau, they join the historical duos Huguette and Raymond, Liliane and José, then joined by Emma and Fabien, Camille and Philippe, Leslie and Léo, then recently the mixed couple Louise and Jalil.

If the arrival of this amazing pair has made viewers react a lot, it could be that one of the couples, mentioned above, is in the hot seat. This is the duo formed by Gérard Hernandez and Marion Game, the favorite comedians of the French in 2020. The first has just celebrated his 90th birthday while the second was absent from the special bonus in Corsica, broadcast this month on M6.

Despite their advanced age, will the senior duo be replaced by the 60-year-old couple? “Not at all”, assures the M6 ​​channel for the Télé-Loisirs site, sweeping away the rumor of a setback. “All the couples in Scenes of Households exist by themselves. The series was launched in 2009 with three couples. There are seven today and no one has replaced anyone”.

An opinion also shared by the new couple arrived in Scenes of households, interviewed in Le Parisien. “They are still from a higher generation,” says actor Didier Bénureau. “And we can’t replace them, it’s impossible!”. Something to reassure fans of the couple Raymond and Huguette. Retirement is therefore not on the agenda for our famous actors!

On March 23, Marion Game died at the age of 84 at her home in the Paris region. A death announced by his daughter Virginie Ledieu who mourned the fans and teams of Scenes of households. And, more particularly Gérard Hernandez, his inseparable half in the daily series of M6.

While the channel paid a special tribute to the unforgettable Huguette, in the form of a farewell, viewers can still watch the couple’s sketches on TV at lunchtime (after 12.45) and in the evening (following 19.45) . Two months after the disappearance of Marion Game, what will happen to her relationship with Raymond? Will it leave our screens? Would the “widower” of the fiction be placed in a retirement home or cared for by a home help?

If several hypotheses have circulated on the Internet, it would seem that the character played by Gérard Hernandez will no longer be alone at the start of the school year. This weekend of May 21, 2023, an Internet user named The-best-man-57 posted a message on Twitter, revealing that “Marion Game will be replaced by Patrick Préjean in Season 15 of Scènes de Ménages which will begin at the start of the school year. 2023”. According to him, the two actors “will form the couple of good old friends who find themselves”.

Patrick Préjean is a face well known to viewers. He has notably been seen in several series such as Une famille formidable and Joséphine, guardian angel. The actor is also famous in dubbing since he lent his voice in animated characters like Sylvester and Tigger (in the film Winnie the Pooh). Invited in Les Enfants de la télé where he was questioned by Laurent Ruquier on his arrival in the series of M6, the main concerned answered. “He’s a new character. He’s a guest for the moment. And I have a lot of fun with Gérard Hernandez. He’s an old friend!”, according to comments quoted by Télé-Loisirs.

Contacted by our colleagues and the Allociné site, M6 restored the truth about the role of the actor, seen at the funeral of Marion Game. Indeed, the channel has indicated that he will not be his replacement, but he will make a few appearances as a guest in sketches on the screen.

Make room, a new couple is coming. After a decade of success, the Household Scenes series has welcomed two new lovers to M6. Alongside the historic duos of the program, they will continue to punctuate the evenings of millions of fans in front of their post.

What does this sixth pair look like? In a relationship for five years, Louise, 32, and her companion Jalil, 34, have known each other since college. This banker and this firefighter decide to settle in the capital in order to get as far away as possible from their respective families which are too intrusive. But the situation changes when Jalil’s father announces the sale of his old café-restaurant located in their neighborhood of childhood in full gentrification. Louise sees this as a sign of a new beginning. She then convinces her companion to give up his dream of joining the Paris fire brigade to “use his gift for cooking and start his own restaurant”, reports Allociné. This new mixed couple – Louise being Congolese while Jalil is of Algerian origin – will therefore find families, friends, “trouble and the domestic scenes that go with it”, to the delight of viewers.

“It’s a source of pride to be French among so many others who have diverse origins”, declared the actress to our colleagues and added: “For the couple it’s not really a question, they have growing up together, that’s normal. What’s funnier is for the parents, because Jalil’s family would have preferred Louise to be of the same origin. It creates a lot of comical and funny situations”.

If the characters of Louise and Jalil seem to have found their place in the M6 ​​series, Marion Game does not seem to agree. Invited this January 31 in Chez Jordan for Télé Loisirs, the actress and interpreter of Huguette confided in the latest arrivals. “Everyone is entitled to their little share of happiness,” she confided before explaining herself frankly.

“They did not take a couple that upsets me. They are nice, but …”, estimates the accomplice of Gérard Hernandez, judging that actors like Claudia Mongumu and Ryad Baxx do not form a very striking couple. “The new couples are not zero, but they have no real interest. So much the better if they turn. It’s perfect, it’s very good. It’s not up to it. We’re not going towards the top”.

Especially since the arrival of new characters in the series slows down the pace of filming for Marion Game. As evidenced by his tackle tinged with irony. “They are already stealing my work, these idiots. It’s not very pleasant. We shoot a little less”. If the famous octogenarian complains of doing less filming for Household Scenes, she remains understanding of the choice of the channel. “They’re right, they’re trying to drum it up a bit. They do what they can. […] They do whatever they want with me.” Then, to support the substance of his thought. “It’s the job that’s like that. It doesn’t come from us, it doesn’t come from them. They need to renew the blood, and we don’t care. It’s not very elegant to their part, but they do what they want”.

However, Marion Game is not decided to withdraw from film sets for the moment, preferring to continue to shoot with her faithful Raymond. “I don’t want to stop. I would like to continue, if they want to. That is to say, I depend on them. I have no pretensions…”.

Heading for Reunion. On the occasion of the special Scenes of Households bonus, broadcast on March 25, 2021 on M6, your favorite couples took off for “adventures in the tropics”. Filmed four years ago on the island nestled in the Indian Ocean, the characters experienced incredible adventures that had fascinated the fans of the program.

However, did you know that one of the stars of Household Scenes made an appearance before joining the series? If you know fiction like the back of your hand, you probably already have the answer. On the contrary, if you missed it, know that the actress Claire Chust was spotted by the producers on the set. According to TV Magazine, the actress and soap opera fan was the only contender for the role of Leslie, unlike actor Vinnie Dargaud. “I had tests with many actors,” says the interpreter of Leo. “But after the one with Vinnie, it was obvious. We had a good harmony of play,” says his partner to our colleagues.

An obvious complicity between Claire Chust and Vinnie Dargaud, which has allowed them to integrate Scenes of households since 2018. Perhaps we will have the chance to see them reunited in an upcoming new premium on M6.

Like Claire Chust, several actors were invited to make an appearance in Scenes of households on M6. The time of a prime, some keep more or less a good memory of their passage in the fiction. Like the actress Grace de Capitani, playing with Jean Benguigui during the special TV movie Cap sur la Riviera in 2017, where they welcomed Raymond (Gérard Hernandez) and Huguette (Marion Game) to their vacation apartment.

After her time in the series, actress Grace de Capitani would have liked to continue the adventure. But, according to her, the production would have decided otherwise, according to her comments reported At Jordan, at the end of January on C8. “I think there was a disagreement between the team and Jean Benguigui. That’s what I was told (…) They no longer want Jean Benguigui. He was very capricious”, a-t -she declared in front of the host, specifying that she “did not like to speak ill” of others.

If the famous actress did not wish to comment on the behavior of her playing partner, she hopes to return for a new TV movie on M6 if the production calls her back. During her interview, Grace de Capitani even has a new story for her character if she had stayed on the soap. “They should have divorced me and married a young man! I would have been a cougar”. Will we see her again in a new part of Scenes of households? Case to follow in the next episode.

Fiction fans have delivered their verdict. The weekly TV Magazine has unveiled the third edition of its survey carried out with OpinionWay, to be published this weekend of December 19-20, on the favorite series of the French. A new prize list which has consecrated humor with Scenes of households as the winner for the year 2020.

The famous comedy series, broadcast every evening on M6, won 26.3% of the vote in front of two public service police soap operas. Namely Captain Marleau (in second position with 16.8% of the vote) and Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie (in third position with 16.7% of the vote). An incredible popularity already hailed during the 2018 edition, when Gérard Hernandez and Marion Game, better known to viewers like Raymond and Huguette, were crowned “French series comedians favorite of the French” in 2019.

Questioned by our colleagues from TV Magazine, the president of the chain Nicolas de Tavernost underlined the success of this series. “Household Scenes has made the happiness of the French, the happiness of those who make it and the happiness of M6 for more than eleven years, starting with me, who has great affection for it and who watches it all the time”, a- he explained before adding. “We are all the more proud of it because we know that it is not by chance that a fiction lasts, but because it meets different criteria, such as regularity, humor, accuracy of tone, acting , situation, transversality, proximity and, more than ever, benevolence”.

Among the star couples in the series, we find lovers Camille and Philippe, played by Amélie Etasse and Grégoire Bonnet. If the charming thirty-year-old and the friendly forty-something form an atypical duo, their first meeting on the set almost ended badly.

As revealed by our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, the actor Grégoire Bonnet has committed a hell of a ball during rehearsals. While he was trying out with four actresses, including Amélie Etasse, the latter would have come to him first. Not knowing the reputation of the actress, the interpreter of the famous pharmacist “took her for the dresser and handed her her clothes”. An incredible misunderstanding that does not destabilize them, since the two stars are now part of the headliners of the soap opera.

After the departure of Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion in 2017, M6 formalized the arrival of a new couple the following year. Thus at the start of the 2018 school year, viewers met Léo and Leslie, two young city dwellers and freshly in love aged 26 and 24, as Le Parisien indicated at the time.

Two “hyperconnected and rather party-loving” characters who have taken a step forward in their relationship by living together. “For almost ten years, we had not yet dealt with the very first time of a young couple who discover the faults of the other on a daily basis. Leslie and Leo settle down and work together, face the precariousness of the beginnings and are from different backgrounds”, confided at that time Yann Goazempis, the boss of fiction on M6.

To embody this sixth couple, we find the young actors Claire Chust and Vinnie Dargaud. “Claire and I are love at first sight. I had seen her in an Eric Judor film, Problemos, and I loved her,” he confides in the pages of TV Magazine. “She was very beautiful and very funny. Suddenly, when I was offered to embody the new couple of Scenes of households by her side, I found it incredible”, adds the one who also played in the Clem series on TF1.

After nine years of good and loyal service, the chicks left the cast of the series in June 2017. Audrey Lamy (Marion) and Loup-Denis Elion (Cédric) have decided to turn to other professional projects. “Six months in the year, 4,500 sketches, nine years of joy, happiness, giggles, total brilliance, but after a while, we want, with my partner, to go elsewhere what’s going on,” said the actress on the set of Daily. “I hope you will understand our choice, we did this to move forward in our personal artistic lives, to move on to other projects,” said the actor.

In one day, 18 sketches are shot. Actors must therefore demonstrate efficiency. “You have to learn your text very quickly”, told Marion Game to Europe 1, which relies heavily on “selective and instantaneous memory”. Also, there is no editing. If the actors crash a scene or make a small mistake, they will be forced to shoot it again.

The consumer products visible in the series were all created and labeled by the props designers. The books and the press used by the actors, in particular Huguette, are all false. All the photos that adorn the fake newspapers or magazines that the characters read are those of the technicians. The portraits of the couples present on the furniture are real shots of the actors. Also, the series no longer uses plastic food. Two people are in charge of cooking the small dishes.

Emma and Fabien’s daughter, Chloé, is actually a silicone newborn. A technician is responsible for bringing it to life by hiding under the frame of the cot or baby chair. Regarding the costumes, the outfits worn by the actors fill racks 42 meters long. The series has about 400 pairs of various shoes. Couples are dressed according to their social status in the series. After a season, the clothes are sometimes customized to be reused.

Even if the characters appear in the same series, the actors hardly ever meet. The couples have no common plot. “We don’t tour with them… We meet in the canteen and at festivals. It’s a bit frustrating. In any case, we had a pretty crazy welcome, everyone welcomed us with open arms”, said entrusted to Grégoire Bonnet and Amélie Etasse. “They know each other well, but they don’t film together,” added Mathieu Laurentin, producer of “Scènes de households”.

The series is entirely shot in the studio. The “cozy” house of José and Liliane and the small apartment of Cédric and Marion therefore do not exist. “There are sets built: kitchen, entrance, bathroom,” said Marion Game to Europe 1. To facilitate the work of film crews, it is therefore common for actors to perform several sketches in the same setting. After a day of filming, a couple may have done several scenes just in the kitchen.

The program is filmed in Saint-Denis, not far from Secret Story’s Maison des Secrets. The actors arrive in pairs and then film their sequences. Filming a scene requires the presence of around forty technicians. To facilitate his work, the production designated each couple by a letter. A for Marion and Cédric, B for Liliane and José, C for Huguette and Raymond, D for Emma and Fabien and finally E for Camille and Philippe. If an actor decides to leave the series, his partner will be forced to do the same.