She woke up the French for the last time on France 2. This Thursday, June 29, 2023, Julia Vignali co-hosted the last issue of Télématin of the season with Thomas Sotto. A special day for the famous presenter present in the show since September 2021.

Before the start of the show, Julia Vignali spoke on social networks where she revealed behind the scenes to her subscribers in her Instagram story. “Well hello everyone, that’s it, it’s the last day for my part of Télématin. Because in fact no, I’m not going on vacation, I’m stopping Télématin”, says the one who will succeed Sophie Davant to back to school in Affaire concluded on France 2.

The opportunity for the companion of actor Kad Merad to “take a last lap” on the morning set. On this same social network, she unveiled a few rare photos in the company of her columnists such as Anicet Mbida, Axel de Tarlé, Olivia Schaller, doctor Gérald Kierzek, Mathilde Terrier, Olivia de Lamberterie, Laura Tenoudji and Johanna Ghiglia. A great team gathered around the forty-year-old for her last show.

Before abandoning his colleague Thomas Sotto, the latter made a point of addressing a few words to the one who shared the antenna on France 2. “I wanted to thank you all the same for these two years Julia. We had a good laugh, there is in a good mood every morning. Julia is a girl who is in an even mood every day, she is happy to be there every day because we still spent 12 hours a week live on the air It’s a real life as a couple”, jokes her “TV husband” who is happy to be by her side.

For her sidekick Julia Vignali, she will even say that he was a “faithful TV husband” before adding with humor. “Because this is not the case for all husbands in France…”. After a blooper sequence on their best moments on the show and a small personal gift, a double-sided pen for “the girl who loses the most pens in the world”, according to journalist Thomas Sotto, the next host of the favorite program of bargain hunters gave a long speech of thanks.

“Thank you, it means a lot to me. Thank you to the whole Télématin team, can I thank people? Because I wrote a whole text, so it’s going to be very, very long. I hope you have the morning ahead of you”, she laughs before continuing in front of her sidekick. “I really wanted to thank you for accompanying me during these two years. We saw our first (show, editor’s note) there just now, we were dressed the same, the same shirts, we were very scared. I think that we can say it since, it’s true that we are a little more comfortable, thank you for your support”.

Then Thomas Sotto’s accomplice thanked their morning jokers. “Thank you also to Maya Lauqué, Damien Thévenot and Jean-Baptiste Marteau, who made me forget some of your absences when you were on vacation”. Before having a word for all the technical teams of Télématin, “who welcomed me with kindness”, she underlines.

During her speech, the ex-host of M6 spoke live to her future replacement Marie Portolano. “I leave with a light heart and I leave you with the excellent journalist Marie Portolano who ate the same cakes as me. But it shows less on her”, smiles the former presenter of the Best pastry chef. Before ending with his few moving words to the public. “I wanted to thank you, you, dear Télématin viewers. I had the chance and the honor to wake you up every morning. Thank you for having accepted me at your breakfast table. afternoons. I kiss you because I love you”. A business concluded in style for the host, arms laden with flowers.