A new work to talk about her love for her husband as well as the pain of his disappearance. A few days ago, the former Miss France Nathalie Marquay unveiled her new work entitled A Sign of You. The wife of Jean-Pierre Pernaut looks back with emotion on the illness of the flagship presenter of TF1’s “13 Hours” as well as on the last weeks of his life. A month before being able to celebrate his 72nd birthday, the French favorite presenter died of lung cancer. A disappearance which marked millions of French people.

Between the pages of this very intimate book, Nathalie Marquay made moving confessions about the hours following the disappearance of the journalist. We learn in particular that certain paparazzi tried to infiltrate the funeral home in which her husband’s remains were placed. “The paparazzi are unleashed,” she wrote and continued: “At the funeral home,” some of them posed “as employees of a funeral home” and “two of them were tried to enter the mortuary chamber. Faced with this, security measures have been put in place to prevent any further attempts.

In the rest of her story, Nathalie Marquay also revealed certain objects which were placed in the coffin of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. She mentions a letter written by their daughter Lou. A letter that she “wished he would take with him into the afterlife” and that she “put in the pocket of his vest (the one near the right, I remember)”. Another object, larger this time, joined the coffin of her late husband. It is a box of caviar offered to the latter on the occasion of their engagement anniversary. A gift “that he will never open” but which now rests with him.