Anne-Sophie Lapix criticized from all sides: what do we blame her for?


A news star who makes people react. Between the end of the first round of municipal elections and the spread of Covid-19, the previous week was not easy for Anne-Sophie Lapix. As evidenced by the words of the Parisian, the presenter “stunned and flabbergasted” faced a busy news, always at the controls of a television news, extended by about twenty minutes.

And since a few days, his working conditions have been considerably modified. Taking your temperature, reducing staff in the editorial staff, limiting travel: nothing is left to chance. “At the editorial conference, we bring in the department heads one by one and we leave a seat free between us. Thursday evening, I was supported by one person instead of five,” she said. also expecting an extension of his working hours. “My children being far from me, I prefer to work than to fret. Professionally, it’s as interesting as it is absorbing”.

However, the journalist admits having made a mistake on March 17, 2020 when she interviewed Edouard Philippe. “We were questioned about the government’s management of the health crisis. Following this interview, the journalist had received a lot of criticism on social networks, in particular about her smile. “This interview cost me a little dear ! Lots of people took it badly, believing that it was not the right tone. In my defense, I had no feedback, so I couldn’t see myself. Maybe I would do this interview differently, but I would ask the same questions,” she said.

This is not the first time that the attitude of Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​questioned. On the occasion of the Football World Cup, won by the Blues in Russia in the summer of 2018, the journalist launched a spade on these athletes on the eve of the competition in her television news. “The Football World Cup starts tomorrow and we will be able to watch millionaires running behind a ball,” she said on the air.

An attitude that has earned her the wrath of viewers, some criticize her in particular on her appearances at Roland-Garros. A lively controversy which also forced the journalist to (temporarily) suspend her Twitter account. “I found it unlikely that it could arouse so many comments. This launch was in connection with a formidable survey on money in football where it was also said that a footballer in France supports 32 people. We do not did not cast opprobrium on football”, she confided at the time to the Parisian.

In a press release published this Tuesday, October 25, the National Union of Journalists (SNJ) of France Télévisions expressed its concerns about the teams of the 20 hours of France 2, in particular rumors of “departures announced behind the scenes”, and “in particular that of the presenter of the week”, Anne-Sophie Lapix. “The Élysée would not want her, as we wrote a few months ago? Some executives of the info would now be ready to give satisfaction to the power”, challenges the union. According to Le Monde, Anne-Sophie Lapix’s news would be deemed “too critical and declinist” and “too severe with regard to the government” in the eyes of Emmanuel Macron.

Questioned on Wednesday October 26 by the Cultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the general manager of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte, insisted on denying the rumors of Anne-Sophie Lapix’s departure and insisted on the very good scores of audience currently achieved by his news.

Faced with persistent rumors, the main concerned did not escape the subject. Invited to France 5 on December 11, Anne-Sophie Lapix confided in host Mélanie Taravant in C Médiatique, asking her about her future at the head of the JT next year. “I don’t know if I’ll be there next year,” she replied before indicating. “I can’t say because anyway, it’s spinning. The wheel is spinning. I like this exercise, I find it exciting. Afterwards, it’s not me who decides”. Following the next number.