In the hills of The open Wednesday, with the first store of Dutch chain Jumbo. The aspirations of the people in the netherlands are great, but the customer, who is with the market leader in Belgium, Colruyt is not part of the plan, according to CEO Frits van Eerd. Over five years, in Flanders, one hundred and Jumbo stores, it is good for about 7,000 to 10,000 jobs.

The first of the Jumbo, in Belgium, will open in The near of the Dutch border. Later in the year, the following Rijkevorsel and a central location. By 2020, it is intended to be 12 to 15 supermarkets to be opened. Within five years, it hopes to have the Jumbo on one of the stores in the Flanders, which is good for about 7,000 to 10,000 jobs. But it doesn’t stop there, for the people in the netherlands. Also, Brussels and the walloon region will be considered. “At the moment, there are no plans for the walloon region, but it would not be a logical step. First, we would like to gain experience in Flanders,” says van Eerd.

the Jumbo is completely in the hands of a family Which has, with great ambitions for Belgium to come. “We’ll be happy. This is nice,” said the CEO on Tuesday at the presentation of the new grocery store. The Jumbo will be done by the clients, “fans” to do, ” he explains. That needs to be done by them with a low-price guarantee. However, unlike in the Netherlands, wants to be Jumbo is not (i.e., at the lowest possible price. That is a guarantee they will leave it to the Colruyt group, who are customers of the lowest price promises. “They have to do that, though, it would be weird if now suddenly someone comes up that the lowest prices are guaranteed. Afraid to get involved, we will not fail,” said the CEO. “We have not been to Belgium, had come to an unpleasant situation.”

a Service of the Delhaize

the Jumbo is not going to be a price war to fight, in our country. “However, we are at cheap prices,” said a financial director of a Ton of Peat. The awards will be at the level of the Colruyt group, are the lowest in the market.

the Jumbo will lower prices, combined with a wide range of products and good service. “The prices of the Colruyt group and the service provided by Delhaize. Yes, that’s a good look”, says van Veen.

The range of products on the Belgian and Jumbo supermarkets for around 15 per cent of Belgian products. For example, meat, bread and fresh produce are of Belgian origin, which is tailored to the Belgian customers. “The swede is still Bourgondischer. A ‘plat’ Dutch offer may be just don’t. With our fresh products you can find, for example, a typical Belgian dishes such as beef stew and vol-au-vent”, explains Peter, Isaac, and managing director of Jumbo, the Belgium, of. A typical Belgian brands, such as the Lotus or the Cote d’or, where you are in the chair.

In the Netherlands, and Jumbo the second-largest supermarket chain. It just has to be the Albert Heijn is a step behind. Except in the ordinary supermarkets is a chain, there is also to be Foodmarkten, where you purchased the food that can be eaten, and in add (Jumbo City. With these two formulas, like the Dutch, are also able to cross the border. If it is not yet clear. Provisionally, waits for the chain to do with onlinewinkelen in Belgium. “First the bricks, then it clicks,” said CEO Frits van Eerd. But, in the long term, will the Jumbo be also onlinewinkelen to introduce to us.

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