Don’t touch my post: what did columnists look like when they were young?


Despite the recurring controversies, the success of Cyril Hanouna’s famous show does not seem to lose its breath. Every day, Touche pas à mon poste brings together more than a million loyal viewers, happy to find their favorite columnists discussing television, but also current events.

Benjamin Castaldi, Matthieu Delormeau or even Gilles Verdez, who has already shown himself with his companion, the flagship presenter of C8 has surrounded himself with strong character so that debates and clashes live on his set. However, these go beyond television and may even continue off-camera.

In any case, this is what Danielle Moreau, columnist on the show since 2017, confided to our colleagues from Sud Radio this Monday, December 12, 2022. “Sometimes it can be violent. And it continues in the corridors and the dressing rooms. We argue, we don’t talk to each other for a few days,” she said.

But the journalist does not necessarily see it with a negative eye and considers that these differences of opinion are undoubtedly one of the pillars of the success of Touche pas à mon poste. “We’re all so different, I think that’s what makes the show so successful, we each have pretty strong opinions and not at all the same. I think viewers find themselves in each of us a little bit .”, she explained, as reported by our colleagues from PurePeople.

Over the course of the broadcasts, certain columnists have become famous and their faces are now known to many French people, so much so that they are recognized even on vacation. But during all these years, they have changed a lot and some would even be almost unrecognizable. Here are the photos of the chroniclers in their youth.