By means of Twitter-survey – Scottish Club Fans can be about extension of Livingston FC to vote on the contract policy of the Association in their own way. The Club makes the Fans on an extension of the contract for the replacement goalies to the vote.0 comment he stays or not? At the moment it looks according to the survey, good for the Keeper. Image: Twitter Livingston FC plays in the Scottish League. Image: InstagramEs is not the first strange action of the club: The stadium has since 2015 a special name: Tony Macaroni Arena. Photo: Instagram1 / 3

Gary Maley guard for two years, the goal of the Scottish club Livingston. When he is used. The 37-Year-old replacement goalie. Next month, his contract runs out. If Maley is employed by the Club, is now up to the Fans. The Association makes the on Twitter a contract extension for the replacement goalies to the vote.

more Likely to remain in the Pizza stadium

Keeps the Association to the fact that the Fans via Twitter to fade a club body of Maley decide, it is for the replacement goalie is very good. At midday on Wednesday, nearly 70 percent of the more than 160’000 Reconciliation said Yes. The signature of the contract extension is expected to be only a matter of form.

With the special Fan-action of the Scottish football club not for the first time, was the talk of the. The stadium, which originally meant Almondvale Stadium, has since 2015 a special name: Tony Macaroni Arena. The reason is the marketing rights were sold to a Pizza chain. The Fans call the Stadium, but so. In reference to the stadium of Manchester City is the Arena for local Fans is simply the “Spagettihad”.


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