All the unions are preparing for a new massive mobilization on March 7th. In protest against the pension reform, the Unsa railway in turn announces Monday a general strike renewable from next Tuesday.

“We must carry out the renewable strike for at least ten days and block Paris for at least two weekends” confided Didier Mathis, general secretary of the Unsa railway union to our colleagues from Parisian.

According to the words of Rémi Aufrere-Privel, national representative of Unsa Ferroviaire, on the set of BFMTV, renewing the strikes in Paris after Tuesday would allow a reaction from the government. “In France, when you are not paralyzing the capital, you are much less heard”. He specifies that “only fairly long movements have made it possible to roll back this type of counter-reform.” All public services have agreed for a “France at a standstill” for the day of March 7 and the following days.

On March 2, the CGT federations will meet to organize these strike days.

He adds that “union unity is perfect. There is no difference, only convergences”.

According to AFP, the SNCF unions, together with the CGT and the SUD, had agreed to a renewable strike last Wednesday. The Unsa railway gives its decision on Friday and joins the other unions. The majority therefore wishes to organize and spread the strike over ten days.

Elizabeth Borne, visiting the agricultural show, called for “the responsibility of the unions” at the microphone of BFMTV.