What if we go back in time? After the 70s and 80s, the period of the 90s and 2000s is experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to streaming platforms. Before the arrival of Netflix, PrimeVideo and Paramount, we spent our afternoons and evenings alone, with family or with friends in front of our television set.

From summer sagas to AB Productions sitcoms, not forgetting family series, there is something for everyone at this time. These French fictions left their mark on television among the public and more than 20 years after their broadcast, they are still popular. If some have disappeared from the small screen today, it is possible to find them on a video platform like 6play (belonging to M6) or Madelen (service associated with the National Audiovisual Institute).

This was without counting the creation of TF1 (formerly MYTF1), launched this Monday January 8, 2024. The promise of this new service? Offer “more than 15,000 hours of content (i.e. 200 cinema films, 200 TV films, 200 series in full)” for free to 28 million users, as Puremedias points out. The opportunity for you to rediscover some of your favorite French and foreign fiction.

“When it comes to French fiction, TF1 is essential, so our streaming offering will be too,” Claire Basini, the deputy general director in charge of BtoC activities, confides to our colleagues. In addition to its strong brands Tomorrow Belongs to Us and Here Everything Begins, without forgetting this year the return of Plus belle la vie, the first channel wants to keep nostalgia alive by rebroadcasting this content from yesterday to today.

Under the sun, Caribbean Heart, A wonderful family, Dolmen… Planet reveals eight cult French series from the 90s-2000s to watch now on the TF1 digital platform.