They are the new kings of parody. David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig are making their comeback on television this Friday March 17, 2023 on TF1. Four years after a first evening followed by 4.12 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, the Palmashow does it again with the same schoolboy humor and pungent jokes that have made them successful on YouTube since 2006. Previously, we remember that McFly and Carlito had the same honors of a special bonus on TMC.

In this second issue of Ce soir, c’est Palmashow, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais are back in better shape than ever. The recipe remains the same: shovels of sketches, unusual parodies, clips and original fake ads. All with a freedom of your own to the two friends.

“We have the chance to do what we want to do and that, we are aware of this rarity”, explains the duo of comedians to Planet. A real challenge for the Palmashow, which was inspired by the flagship programs of the small screen. As evidenced by the first images of their credits where we zap between Don’t forget the words, The Best Pastry Chef or even the debates of the continuous news channels of TNT.

In addition, the two actors have also drawn on the side of their idols to create new sketches. “We grew up in the 90s so we are the generation of Unknowns and Dummies. We were sponges on a lot of things. If we have to define the Palmashow universe, it is a compendium of all these influences. are a source of inspiration, and even sometimes, it’s borderline plagiarism, but we fully assume”, recognizes David Marsais in front of the media. As evidenced by their parodic report of the Gendarmes à vélo on the JT or the criminal documentary Le Boucher des Alpes, inspired by the Lost sketch of the search for the Unknowns (see illustration photo above).

But how does the duo choose their themes to make fun of them? “We try to be ‘aware’ as they say. So in tune with the times”, assure us Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais. “We pay a little attention to everything around us, everything that touches everyone and makes us laugh”. For the writing of their sketches, the two companions are also helped by their collaborators Adrien Léveillé and Sébastien Storch. “It took us a year, including about 3-4 months of writing,” the duo tells us. Then comes the time of filming (about 2-3 months) with popular comedy stars.

For this new Palmashow evening on TF1, David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig called on several artists and friends whom they “had no trouble convincing”. Some having already played with them in previous editions. Among them, we recognize Florence Foresti in the skin of the heroine of HPI, Jean-Paul Rouve disguised as bigoudène for a parody of the Tipiak ad, but also “rare guests on TV like Blanche Gardin, Valérie Lemercier”, specifies Rémi Faure, director of streaming programs for Europe’s leading channel.

Other stars have left a lasting impression on our two comedians. As the Belgian star Benoît Poelvoorde “came the day after a big promotion which took a lot of energy from him” reveals the tandem to us. More hilarious than ever as a father of a large family (parody of the TF1 show), the actor was “very generous and super funny” with them.

We also note the presence of Alain Chabat who has already had “the keys to the shop” by offering his Late Show on TF1 at the end of 2022. Without forgetting to highlight the young generation of humor with Paul Mirabel (preview in the third season of LOL on Amazon) and Laura Felpin (seen in Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom). Both give voice in musical parodies alongside the Palmashow.

This humorous Palmashow evening has a special flavor for David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig. For this second part broadcast on TF1, the actors were in charge of the show. “It’s the first time for us where we go behind the camera and it was a great first,” says Marie Portolano’s husband.

Proud of their “baby”, the Palmashow couple hope to seduce their many fans and expand their audience with this new number. “We had to find a craze, an inspiration and here we are, we think it happened”. Before discovering the Palmashow evening on TF1, Planet reveals some excerpts shared on the web below.