For ten years, Cécile Bois has successfully played Candice Renoir, police commander in the South of France and mother of four children. If the actress has devoted herself almost entirely to the France 2 series in recent years, viewers will be able to find her in other fictions in the coming months.

We can thus see her in a mini-series of eight episodes, created by Quoc Dang Tran. The Drops of God is an adaptation of a famous manga of 43 volumes, published between 2004 and 2014, reports Le Figaro. This grandiose work was imagined by Tadashi Agi and drawn by Shū Okimoto. It pays homage to the tradition and winemaking know-how of France.

On Instagram, Cécile Bois had mentioned the end of the filming of this series which is to be broadcast soon on France Télévisions: “Very nice experience, very nice encounters, and a fiction full of great promises”, had written the actress. “It’s very different from what we currently see in the audiovisual universe”, she explained to Télé Star in August 2021.

Cécile Bois will also be showing another program, this time on TF1. As indicated by Allo Ciné, the interpreter of Candice Renoir will hold the main role of Addict (6 episodes of 52 minutes). She will be joined in the casting by Medi Sadoun (What did we do to God?) and Sagamore Stévenin (Falco).

In this thriller series, Cécile Bois embodies a mother who settles in a new neighborhood with her husband and two fragile children. Quickly, she falls under the spell of a mysterious neighbor, but the passion turns into a dangerous hold. The shooting of Addict took place at the beginning of the year in the PACA region and the series should be broadcast by the end of 2022.

On May 19, France 2 offered the last episode of season 10 of Candice Renoir. It was to be the final part of the adventures of the famous policewoman. But Le Parisien has revealed that the series will be entitled to an 11th season. “We have launched the writing of a season 11, consisting of 6 episodes of 52 minutes”, confided to our colleagues Anne Holmes, the new director of programs for France Télévisions.

This time, the character portrayed by Cécile Bois will be transferred from Sète to Marseille, in order to breathe new life into the plots and integrate new characters. In the meantime, special and unit episodes of 90 minutes are also planned on France 2.