Who is Eva Kaili, the former Greek news star and politician suspected of corruption?


A political scandal that is shaking Europe. Four people were arrested last Friday, targeted by an investigation in a case of corruption and money laundering at the heart of the European Parliament, in connection with Qatar, according to Le Soir. Among the individuals concerned, the Greek politician and journalist Eva Kaili was charged and imprisoned on December 11, according to a judicial source reported to France Télévisions.

The day after Eva Kaili’s imprisonment, “the European Parliament was in shock on Monday”, according to AFP. In addition, we learn that the home of the Socialist and Democratic MP was also searched in Brussels. A political scandal that tarnishes the reputation of the institution then the Belgian police would have found 600,000 euros in cash, while his father and his companion would also be implicated in this affair. Greek politics was suspended from office after the revelations of this case.

Before pursuing a career in politics, Eva Kaili grew up in Thessaloniki (where she was born on October 26, 1978) and studied architecture at university in Greece. According to Euronews, the architect turned to the world of international relations before taking journalism courses. She then made her first steps on television in 2004 for the private channel MEGA Channel.

At that time, Eva Kaili worked as a journalist and presenter on the television news. A flagship figure of the Greek channel, the blonde, blue-eyed forties caused a sensation among the faithful of the channel for three years. In parallel with her media career, she entered politics in her country at the age of 20 as a municipal councilor for the Pasok party. In 2007, she became the youngest elected member of the socialist camp, as indicated by our colleagues.

Seven years later, Eva Kaili became a MEP in the European Parliament by joining the group of Socialists and Democrats. A position she held for several years before taking the helm of the vice-presidency. On her social networks, the politician shares her activities and her interests in innovation, robotics or artificial intelligence. On the private side, the former television journalist also revealed some souvenir snapshots and vacation photos. His portrait in pictures.