Summer is fast approaching. The Ascension weekend is often an opportunity for many French people to go and recharge their batteries in the countryside, in the mountains or at the sea, far from the daily grind. However, the weather is a variable not to be overlooked when you want to go away for the weekend because bad weather can quickly make the stay less pleasant.

Thursday, May 18, 2023 will be placed under the sign of sunshine for most of the territory. However, temperatures will remain cool in the morning and very mild in the afternoon.

Friday will be particularly unstable in some regions. “The Pyrenees will still catch clouds, rain and snow from an altitude of 1500 m. Over a large north-western third, the weather will be dry, with alternating clearings and clouds over a large north-western half of the country, with the return of variable weather on the Channel and Atlantic coasts. Not to mention the heat, the feeling will become more pleasant, almost seasonal, in these northern regions”, reports La Chaîne Météo.

Saturday will be quite pleasant over the northern two-thirds of the country. “The sky will not be all blue for all that, shared between clouds and clearings. Some showers will remain possible in the afternoon, by diurnal evolution. It will be a seasonal weather, but the feeling, thanks to the clearings, will not be unpleasant .”, explains the meteorologist.

As for Sunday, the weather will be quite similar for the northwestern part of the country but instability will reign over the rest and thunderstorms could occur in these 49 departments.