The big holidays are approaching, it’s time to get organized. For many French people, this is also the time to realize that their CNI or their passport has expired… And that it will have to be renewed very quickly. Except that, like them, many French people are currently rushing to the counters of town halls, after having left the problem aside for several months, the fault of the Covid and the serial restrictions.

In town hall, the delays to obtain an appointment are astronomical. On average, you have to wait two to three months before you can have your application validated. Faced with the concern of many French people, who feared not being able to go on vacation for lack of valid papers, the government adopted a series of measures. In the meantime, some do not hesitate to travel all over France to find an appointment at the town hall.

If, like them, you are looking at all costs for a counter that could welcome you as soon as possible, the ViteMonPasseport site does the work for you.

On the interface, all you have to do is choose the city where you want to take your steps, and you will access a list of all the appointments soon available in the area.

If you are not afraid to move a little further, you can also explore slots in other cities or regions.

Once your appointment at the town hall has passed, you will have to wait several more weeks (on average 4 to 6) to finally have your precious document in hand.

Also note that the most urgent requests (professional reasons, theft or loss of the title, unforeseeable departure abroad for family or health reasons) are given priority by the administration.

Finally, national identity cards and passports expired less than 5 years ago remain valid for taking the exams scheduled for May and June and for registering for driving licenses in driving schools.