Do not abuse fabric softener, take advantage of off-peak hours… There are many tips for saving with your washing machine. But did you know that a simple tennis ball could save you several euros a year? Indeed, according to Maison

“This piece of vulcanized rubber is actually a substitute for washing balls”, explains our colleagues. To be more precise, the tennis ball hits the laundry in the drum of the household appliance, to smooth it out and allow better washing. “The tennis ball makes your laundry softer, cleaner and saves on your laundry dose,” says Maison

If this trick can save you time and energy, you must however be wary and not use it wrongly and through. You should indeed avoid placing your tennis ball in the washing machine when you wash delicate linen, lace, tights, fine clothes…

“In addition, if the tennis ball is too worn, it may damage the device,” warns the magazine. Also, you can use one to four tennis balls depending on the amount of laundry in your machine.