Career, rants, men in her life… The secrets of Mathilde Seigner


The unfiltered testimony of a free thinker. Mathilde Seigner was in the spotlight this Sunday, December 11, in the program Sept à Huit which dedicated her portrait of the week to her. Facing Audrey Crespo-Mara, the movie star spoke at length about her career and her daily life in front of nearly 4 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie.

Discreet lately in the media, the actress Mathilde Seigner is nevertheless known for her outspokenness. Never stingy with confidences, she does not hesitate to give her opinion on the news. As with the upcoming power cuts that could paralyze France during the winter. Intrigued, she confides. “How is our country, which was producing electricity in abundance, going to cut off our electricity? How did we get here?” asks the 50-year-old.

“I know that they have closed power stations and all that…”, continues the famous actress, slipping a tackle on the way to former President François Hollande. “But, how, concretely, are we going to be cut off from the electricity?”. Faced with such uncertainty, Mathilde Seigner does not hesitate to challenge the top of the State. “I don’t know if Mr. Macron or someone in the government can answer me, or Madame Borne… How’s it going?”, she asks doubtfully, joking. “Is there a lottery? A raffle?”.

If the situation seems delusional for the leading actress of Camping who “does not like this time” when the French are terrorized, her rant caused a reaction on social networks. Among them, some Internet users appreciated his frankness. “I really like this girl”, “At least she is a frank woman unlike others she speaks without language of wood whether on a TV set or elsewhere”. But others did not understand the point of the star’s interview. “This interview is unreal. Who had the idea for this plunge into imbecility about the power cuts? Her or the geniuses of TF1?”, “But what was this interview for? Mathilde Seigner absolutely did not nothing to tell. Zero life, zero words”.

Three years earlier, before the health crisis, the actress was invited to Laurent Delahousse’s newspaper on France 2. And she expressed regret about her discretion in the media. “I gave fewer interviews because… It’s the time. Today, we can’t say anything anymore,” she said before adding on her own experience. “I’m no longer interested in doing TV, because we’re constantly bullied. They tell me: ‘you shouldn’t say that’ or ‘if you’re asked a question about it, don’t say anything’ and therefore it no longer interests me”, according to comments relayed by Gala.

Among the men who counted for Mathilde Seigner, her father Jean-Louis was a great support in her career. But in August 2020, the famous photographer died at the age of 79, victim of a devastating stroke. “My darling little daddy, it was on this night of August 4 to 5 that you left us. We miss you so much”, she paid tribute to him this summer of 2022 in a photo published on Instagram. “I post little, but the sky is for you tonight. I loved you so much”. Discreet on the web, the actress took advantage of her time on TF1 to confide that she had stopped her career temporarily after this mourning. “I took a break for a year there. Precisely because, after my father left, I wanted to enjoy life, to mourn somewhere because I had immersed myself in work. “.

On the heart side, Mathilde Seigner has dated several men who have shared in her life. From her media relationship with comedian Antoine Duléry in the 1990s, she formed a couple with comedian Laurent Gerra in the 2000s. She is also credited with a romance with the director of Camping, Fabien Onteniente, and an actor from the saga, Laurent Olmedo. Since 2006, she lives with the cameraman Mathieu Petit.

From their relationship was born son Louis in August 2007. Now a teenager, he has become a mature young man in the eyes of his mother. “He does not have the same point of view, he is from another generation”, she confided yesterday on TF1.

A key figure in French cinema, Mathilde Seigner has marked millions of spectators in films and comedies. While she will be showing Choeur de rockers at the end of the year, the actress has already thought about the day when she would stop her career. But not for now, as she explained to journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara.

“I very sincerely still need to earn a little living. There, in any case, my break of a year and a month proved to me that I don’t necessarily miss it. The trap of this break, we have no longer want to work again at all“, she retorted frankly. This does not prevent the actress from being fulfilled in her life, after having moved away from Parisian life. “Besides, as I get older, I see fewer and fewer people from my background. Since I bought myself a new house in the south, I made a whole group of friends in the south who I adore. I I feel good with his people. It airs out my brain”.