Actually, blogging is pretty much out at the moment.

If you want to get rid of your thoughts quickly and easily, share beautiful pictures, earn money online, or entertain people, go to Instagram today. There you can reach thousands of people in a short time and all without much effort and completely free of charge.

So if you are looking for free Instagram likes and followers follow my quick simple tips!

  1. Get the app for Instagram Followers.

Now you not need to get yourself in the hassle and get more followers through the Instagram followers app.

GetInsta, the app which can bring more followers and like without any limit. It runs on every kind of device including android, iPhone, and even computers. So now don’t get yourself stuck in the loops to get more followers. GetInsta is there to rescue.

  1. Buy Instagram followers

I will tell you briefly and painlessly. Buying Instagram followers is a dumb idea. No matter how tempting it may seem. Your follower numbers will grow in the short term. However, it can be that you damage your account permanently and in the end, you no longer grow organically (and even lose followers).

It is also possible that buying subscribers can damage your image or run into legal problems. 

  1. Place advertisements

You can also buy followers legally. Then it’s even real users who are interested in your content (if you get it right!).

With advertisements:

Here you simply get more reach for your money and can try to get interested users to your profile. In the best-case scenario, they’ll like your content and subscribe to you.

  1. Create viral content

Viral content is hailed as the holy grail of Instagram posts right now. Create viral posts and you will automatically grow.

What is viral content?

Viral posts are posts that organically reach a large number of people. There are no exact numbers for this. But one usually only speaks of a viral post when it has reached significantly more users than actually followed.

Viral posts are characterized by the fact that they reach a particularly large number of users and accordingly generate a lot of engagement.

Viral posts can often be recognized by others by the number of likes and comments, although there are also posts that an outsider does not recognize as viral. This is the case if, for example, the post was simply saved particularly often. Since this value is not publicly available, we cannot recognize such viral posts from the outside.


  1. Working with other bloggers and influencers

Even if you sometimes have the feeling that German bloggers would rather work against each other than with each other.

Bloggers who sit down with others, who share knowledge (even without ulterior motives), and support each other. Once you’ve found them, there are a few ways to grow and benefit from one another.


With a shout-out, you present a different profile on your channel and ask your followers to follow this profile. The more you reveal about the other profile, the more pictures you show, and the more convincingly you promote the other profile to your followers, the more effective a shout-out is.