A comeback under the sign of novelty for Julia Vignali. The famous host, who celebrated her 48th birthday on July 13, succeeds Sophie Davant in the animation of Case concluded on France 2. An unprecedented challenge for the one who said goodbye to the faithful of Télématin last June.

“I had the chance and the honor to wake you up every morning. Thank you for having accepted me at your breakfast table. So we will meet every afternoon”, confided the replaced host by his colleague Marie Portolano, ex-face of the Best pastry chef on M6. Before going on vacation, Julia Vignali was spotted at the France Télévisions press conference held this month in Paris.

The opportunity for Thomas Sotto’s ex-accomplice to confide in his new playground with bargain hunters and second-hand goods dealers. “It’s a program that the public loves, watched by millions of viewers every day from Monday to Friday, 4 p.m. show, and now I’m going to be a host”.

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At the end of last June, Julia Vignali thus discovered behind the scenes of Deal concluded by taking her first steps on the set. An arrival that did not fail to react one of the buyers of the program: Caroline Margeridon. A close friend of Sophie Davant, the brocanteuse did not hide her apprehension when she saw her replacement during the first shoots.

“At first, I said to myself: ‘Poor thing, she won’t make it’. Affaire Conclue is really a big war machine. (…) When we get there, even the buyers are in panic'”, she dropped with Gala.fr, revealing in particular her fears. “I told myself that we would never get there or that we were going to finish filming at midnight!”.

After the first intense day of filming, doubt gave way to relief for Caroline Margeridon, won over by the performance of Kad Merad’s companion. “Frankly, she was serious and she succeeded! (…) I say to her: ‘respect’! Really, hats off!”, Exults the entrepreneur who fell under her spell. “I’m going to like it”. The beginning of a friendship between the two colleagues?

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