the Tourists, who ended the week in the Spanish sun, went to the island, could be Tuesday, but only saw the storm, He is the island paradise infested. Due to the heavy winds – which ended up in a tornado-changed – lost their lives, hundreds of trees, and flew over the debris of the building. Three workers were slightly wounded when their mobile workshop is up in the air, it was blown out.

a British tourist filmed it from the above pictures, when the storm has hit hit. “Pretty scary,” said the mother of a family of sunbathers, while the parts of the plots with a line break. Pictures of the terrace, showing the trail of destruction that the tornado left behind.

The emergency services were flooded with calls. There should be at least 200 trees that have been broken. The local authorities warned tourists and island residents to be aware of when they are in traffic, and go.

It is expected that the storm is He also in on Wednesday for inclement weather, it will make it in Spain. Also, parts of the mainland, such as Catalonia, will be in accordance with the expectations of being plagued by rain showers, wind gusts, and intense lightning.

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