Live with mom and dad remains the same for the sons of well-tempting. According to a report from the Federal Statistical office (Destatis), living on Reaching the age of majority as almost all the men in the parents ‘ house. With 23 years, about half of the men then pulled out, with the beginning of Thirty well-one in nine lives but still with the parents. For comparison: Only about 40 percent of women are not moved out at the age of 23.With 30 years of only every Seventeenth is to be found in the parents ‘ house.

the basis of the report “Living conditions of men” are the results of the microcensus in 2017. In the Destatis Report, many more facts about 33.6 million men, who lived to hold in 2017 in Germany in private house.

Thus, with the end of Twenty 43 percent of the men are single, then the proportion of single decreases continuously. From the age of 40, he is at an average of 25 percent. In the high age, the rate increases sharply again: Every second man of 90 years, is standing alone. Women opt sooner for a partnership, at the end of Twenty have already been awarded significantly more than 60 percent.

9.4 million men living as fathers with their children in a household. Single fathers make up (among all men), only one percent; based on all fathers who live with their children under one roof, it’s four percent. In the case of women and mothers, the single parent rate is six and 20 percent.

82 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 65 years of age. For comparison: In women, the rate is lower, around 72 per cent. Whether you are working part-time, depends on whether you live with kids: fathers, the part-time rate is six percent, with no Children, she is twelve percent.