Column Milo Rau – “This is a call to murder,”The most important excerpts from the urgent appeal, the Brazilian actress Kay Sara from the Amazon to the world. MeinungMilo Rau14 Kommentare14″I insist that we are called “Indigenous”. Because “indigenous” means “native””: Kay, Sara (in red dress) with relatives in the Amazon area photo: Armin Smailovic

last night should have been open to the indigenous activist and actress Kay Sara, who plays in my production of “Antigone in the Amazon”, the main role on the stage of the Burgtheater, the Wiener Festwochen. But Corona decided otherwise, and Kay, Sara sent us a Video from their village. Media in Europe are now publishing their words – here are the main excerpts:

“My European friends have asked me how to do it for me. To me it goes well. I am in the Amazon with my people, in the North of Brazil. I belong to 3. Clan of the people of the Tariano, of the clan of thunder. We Tariano be called “Indians”. But I insist that we are called “Indigenous”. Because “indigenous” means “native”. I’m an actress, so I can tell the story of us, the Indigenous.

began Our misfortune, as the Spaniards and Portuguese came to our country. First came the soldiers, then came the clergy, and with the Europeans, and the disease came to us. Millions of people died. Millions more died from the hands of the soldiers and the clergy, in the name of the one God and of a civilization. In the name of progress and profit.

It is no longer about art, it no longer goes to the theatre. Our tragedy is taking place in the here and now, in the world, before our eyes

Today, only a few of us left. I’m one of the Last of the Tariano. And a few weeks ago so the next disease came to us at: Corona. Perhaps you have heard that in Manaus, capital of Amazonas, the disease is raging particularly terrible. There is no time for proper funerals. People lie in mass graves, tractors, you to pour. Others lie in the streets, unbeerdigt.The White advantage of the Chaos, to still deeper into the forests to penetrate. The fire will no longer be deleted. By whom? Who falls to the lumberjacks in the hands, is murdered. And what did Bolsonaro? What he always does: He shakes the hands of his supporters, and mocked the dead. He has instructed his staff to inform the indigenous peoples, that a disease had broken out. This is a call to murder of us. Bolsonaro wants to bring the genocide of the Indigenous, which lasts for 500 years, to the end.

We will not go down, if we act. In ten years the Ecosystem of the Amazon is tilting. The heart of this planet will stop. The thing is simple: There is no profit in this world, there is only life. And therefore, it is not well that I stand on the stage of the Burgtheater. Because it is no longer about art, it’s Theater. Our tragedy is taking place in the here and now, in the world, in front of our eyes.

This madness has to stop. Together, let us resist, let us be men. Because when lawlessness becomes law, resistance duty. Each in its kind and in its place, United by our diversity and our love for life that brings us all together.”

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