According to the Chinese draft law – democracy activist Wong Germany asks fears in order to help Joshua Wong, the Central government in Beijing could prevent the planned law future people movements. He calls on the West to impose sanctions against the Communist comment Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow in August of last year when a court found the activists guilty.Photo: Anushree Fasnavis (Reuters)

The Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other heads of government requested due to the planned extended access of China to the Hong Kong special administrative region for help.

“The new security law in Hong Kong, will destroy the future of democratic movements”, because Beijing could evaluate the results with him all the democracy calls as a Coup, said Wong of the German “Bild”newspaper. “Merkel and other European heads of government must take action against this draconian bill and urge that China adheres to the principle of “One country, two systems.”

The Deutsche Welle, said Wong, the safety act applies only to Hong Kong people, but also travelers and foreigners, and will also allow for the delivery of Hongkongern to China. The Hong Kong head of government, Carrie Lam, was only a “puppet of Beijing” and the people of Hong Kong would have to go again in June on the road. He wishes that the United States and European States to expand the sanctions mechanism. Similarly, Wong said in the “Business Insider”.

The new security law is formally against subversive activities and foreign interference. In circumvention of the Hong Kong Parliament, among other things, Beijing will have the right, in Hong Kong, his own security authorities.

The foreign policy spokesman of the Greens group in the Bundestag, Omid Nouripour, urged to place the scheduled for September EU-China summit in Leipzig on ice, should the security law in Hong Kong to enter into force. “The Federal government must make the rulers in Beijing are clear that a breach of international law is unacceptable and it is on the side of the demonstrators,” said Nouripour, the German daily newspaper “die Welt”.

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