This Wednesday, October 19, article 49-3 was triggered by the Prime Minister, to adopt the first part of the 2023 finance bill for lack of a majority. In the version passed in force, a hundred amendments will be retained, communicated the executive, generating a budget surplus of 700 million euros, according to Sud Ouest.

In the context of the current crisis, certain amendments aim to support the purchasing power of the French. In particular, an upward revaluation of teachers’ salaries will be put in place from the start of the 2023 school year. January for gas and February for electricity as well as the payment of energy checks worth 100 to 200 euros to the 40% of the most precarious households are adopted, according to the Midi Libre.

When Elisabeth Borne announced to engage the responsibility of the government yesterday, the Nupes deputies left the hemicycle immediately and tabled their motion of censure, as reported by Liberation. Indeed, certain amendments having been debated and voted against the presidential majority are being swept away by the 49-3.

In particular, the famous taxation on “super-dividends” proposed by the MoDem and supported by certain members of the Nupes will ultimately not see the light of day. The objective of this project was to encourage companies making large profits to invest, rather than distribute dividend benefits.

Several elements of the final budget in progress obviously relate to taxation. Planet provides an update on the 11 changes made to the terms of taxation and exemption, according to Capital.