and The Dutch team Roompot, Charles Town Team, keep it up. One of the team’s Friday afternoon announced in a news release.

“After it is announced to say goodbye to sponsor Roompot vakanties, at the end of July, and it was in the last couple of months, tried to get a replacement, but the team management could not create a new primary sponsor(s) will continue to attract sufficient financial guarantees’, you hear the sound of it.

” We have a long wait to get it out,’ said team manager Michael Zijlaard in a press release from the team. “You will always be hoping that there is somewhere a solution has been found, even though it was the day of less. Now, it is the first time I’ve permanently, and we will use our team for five more years say goodbye to the profwielrennen.’

when the closing price of Putte-Kapellen is the motivation for the wegploeg. Then, drive to A Tree, and Sean De Bie is still some of the veldritten in the tenuevan Charles. Then, names such as Boom, The Bip, Jan-Willem, a Ship, and Pieter Weening of free riders.
More about the We the Dutch Lottery are We pulling the plug on sponsorship of cycle racing, which is the Belgian branch of the team. The riders of the We Length shall be looking forward to a new team, A Tree that emerges after a heart striking documents back to the field: “at the Cross ” is totally different”, Belgian-Dutch Roompot -, Charles suggests a new team, “Will continue on the same path”