Dubious criminal case in the Basel area – police against eight-year-old due to rushing, your Bub files is determined competent, because he has asked in a Shop in Diegten, with visible counterfeit money, if he could buy something. The triggers in the guardians of the law, extensive investigations.Daniel Wahl0 comment stone of contention: Chinese dead money, with the blue printed characters on ordinary paper, without any security features. (Screenshot www.baz.ch)

Two brothers aged 8 and 10 years, gathered from the almost night in Sissach on bills of money that was thrown from a Clique to a joke among the crowd. It was false Euro banknotes on ordinary, relieflosem paper without security features such as watermarks and satellite hologram. At the end of April, the two brothers in the village tried to load Diegten the aufgelesene game money. The eight-year-old asked the seller whether you could buy with these notes. The seller immediately realized that it was not real money.

The woman told the children that it was rude to leave the Shop, otherwise they would call the police. The two boys, accompanied by an older neighbor girl, left the business immediately. Nevertheless, the Store staff felt obliged to involve the police. “It is our rules, of the Central we have been so dependent,” explained the store Manager, this step.


A visibly ambitious COP of the Basel corps took the matter in hand. He needed a good month to make finally , the two jacks to locate and vorzuknöpfen, for “an ugly fact, which is certainly no small thing,” as the official explained to the parents. In addition, it was “an official delict”. The mother responded resolved: “We cooperate, and I am fully of the responsibility, I said to the police officer. But then I had to cry like a baby, because I was expecting the worst.” During the visit of the police officer presented the parents of three images, which should serve as evidence. “They show how the eight-year-old and the girl in front of the checkout stand. More not,” recalls the mother.

Then the two boys were placed in front of the wall box and swohl in the profile as well as frontal like criminals photographed. “The was almost disappointed that he had to identify the eight-year-old as a ‘perpetrator’ and not our ten-year-old son,” says the father. When ten-year-old could have been a procedure in the case of the youth advocacy threading, the eight-year-old, but not even the age of criminal responsibility. “And us officials said he will initiate a home search, would turn up another game of money,” explain the parents. As the creation and seizure Protocol it is recorded, then the game “three Times 50 euros, seized the money, two for 20 Euro in game money, five Times 10 Euro in game money and three Times 5 Euro play money”. This is to prevent criminal offences – as it says on the form.

“am I going to jail, mommy?”

The interrogation was held without right to appeal for the children. After the three-hour procedure, the eight-year-old asked: “can I go to jail, mommy?” Of course not, the Boy’s on the record up to the year 2032. Only then the entry is deleted. To do this, parents must enter with their two boys in front of the Kesb.

the police work, too. He must interrogate the girl who accompanied the brothers, yet.

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