These photos that will make you want to eat raclette!


This day of December 13 marks a turning point in the history of humanity. The reason ? It’s World Raclette Day, celebrated for the first time in 2018. Site Topito and raclette cheese brand RichesMonts are behind this delicious initiative. “Dear compatriots, we officially declare December 13 as the first World Raclette Day,” Topito announced on October 3, 2018 on his Facebook page.

This day gives an additional reason to stuff yourself with charcuterie, potatoes and especially melted cheese. A Facebook event was also created for the occasion, already counting more than 23,000 participants. However, this day is not yet listed on the World Days website… but it will be soon.

World Day or not, find below a compilation of the most beautiful raclette photos seen on Instagram to give you even more desire to melt magnificent slices of cheese with your raclette machine. Ready to salivate? Here are the pictures and enjoy!