The amending finance bill still contains a few (good) surprises. Indeed, around 6.2 million French households should receive an unexpected transfer from the tax authorities as of the start of the school year.

This is obviously not a gift, but rather a refund. The law on purchasing power passed in August contained in particular the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting, also known as the “television fee”.

However, some households had chosen to subscribe to the monthly payment for the housing tax and the contribution for public broadcasting, two taxes collected jointly, underlines Les Echos. Among them, taxpayers are already exempt from housing tax.

These people will receive a refund from September for the amounts already paid for the fee that no longer exists. What to put a little butter in the spinach to face with a little more serenity the expenses of the start of the school year.

However, some other monthly households still pay part of the housing tax and will therefore not benefit from a refund from September. Indeed, for these households, it will still be necessary to wait.

The amount owed by the tax authorities will thus be deducted from the amount of the housing tax which will be levied for this autumn 2022. There are therefore 23 million French households who will no longer pay the contribution to public broadcasting and who will therefore be able to save 138 euros each year.