Washing machines: the 12 best brands in 2022


In 2019, 2.7 million washing machines were sold in France, according to data from Statista. And no less than 92% of households whose age of the reference person was between 40 and 59 that year had one.

It must be said that this device is very practical on a daily basis: it saves us the chore of washing our clothes and our linen by hand, and even allows sometimes, when the function is combined with it, to dry them.

However, it is also one of the devices that break down most often, according to an observatory of the UFC Que Choisir in 2019. The list is as follows, according to consumers, invited to report failures to the association:

According to the latest Fnac/Darty barometer, the origin of breakdowns is 66% mechanical (and therefore only requires intervention without parts), and 34% material… Which sometimes generates additional costs, non negligable.

Still according to the group’s study, the price of a spare part is estimated at around 7% of the price of a new device.

To avoid too frequent breakdowns, it is advisable to maintain your washing machine well, by regularly cleaning the drain filter, and by launching an empty cleaning program once a month, as well as a descaling program every two months. .

If you want to invest in a solid and reliable washing machine, turn to a brand known for its quality appliances. Fnac/Darty has established its 2022 list of the 10 best firms in terms of washing machines. Find out in our slideshow.