Shield, shield, protect the French! Since September 1, 2021, the government has put in place a measure to freeze the applicable scales for regulated gas sales tariffs. Consumers of this energy in France are then spared from inflation, which hits the sector hard.

Indeed, according to FranceInfo, prices since October 1 have continued to soar since the creation of this tool last year. This “price shield” would therefore have made it possible to stop the gargantuan increase in the price list of this raw material. Because, without the protection of the State, it would today reach 105.1% of the current cost.

Gas prices should have fallen at the end of winter… At least, that is what was expected. The war in Ukraine distorted this estimate. Since February 24, the export of this commodity has been reduced considerably, which has led to rising tariffs.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has kept the measure until now and assured that the price will remain “frozen on September 1, 2022″, at their level of October 1, 2021”. Nevertheless, nothing is less certain for 2023. Despite its effectiveness, it is questioned.

Indeed, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne reportedly indicated in July that aid would probably replace the measure now also applied to electricity. In addition, they would target the most modest French people. For the moment, no announcement by the government has yet been made on this subject.