You will never again see your stars as before on the Croisette. As every year during the Cannes Film Festival, French-speaking and international stars meet in the south of France to celebrate cinema. If some come to defend their film in front of the jury, the press and the critics, others do not miss an opportunity to amuse the gallery.

Each Cannes Film Festival ceremony reveals its share of surprises over the years. Whether during the opening night, before or during the climb of the steps, or even during the closing of the dozen cinemas, the stars do not hesitate to put on the show. Enough to attract the attention of photographers and thousands of fans present around the Croisette.

Like Nathalie Baye and Jane Fonda, two beloved movie stars who do not hesitate to show their childish and clownish side in Cannes. Even more surprising, this unusual moment when the glamorous icon Sophia Loren improvises paparazzi under the eyes of other photographers. However, other celebrities are fearless and love to make a scandal with humor.

Like Brad Pitt and Michel Hazanavicius who can’t help but fiddle with their comrade’s/girlfriend’s buttocks on the red carpet. Or the English star Iggy Pop who plays the provocation card by brandishing his middle fingers. Finally, in a more naughty register, two big names in French cinema offered the public a languorous kiss of cinema. You do not believe in it ? The proof in pictures with an anthology of these unusual moments in the slideshow above.