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The end of the tunnel finally seems to be emerging. According to provisional estimates provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee), inflation fell sharply in May and stood at 5.1%. These figures are particularly encouraging since, for the past year, this is the first time that the level of price increases has fallen below the 6% mark.

However, this is disinflation, not deflation, which means that prices still continued to rise. Faced with this, Bruno Le Maire assured that hundreds of products affected by inflation will see their prices drop very soon. “I tell the French that from July, on a certain number of references and products, the prices will drop. And we will check it, and we will sanction those who do not play the game”, he explained. on BFMTV/RMC.

“The Minister of the Economy does not have a ruler in his hands to lower or raise prices. On the other hand, he has the power of injunction vis-à-vis distributors and manufacturers to tell them to come together , find agreements and lower prices. That’s what we arrived at yesterday. I’m now waiting for it to show on the shelves,” said the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty. and digital.

If hundreds of products should be concerned, the tenant of Bercy specified that certain foods will not benefit from it immediately. On the meat side, he assured that the fall in prices will be difficult for beef and pork because of production costs which “remain high”. Milk will not see its price drop either “because otherwise it is the producers who would toast”.

Bruno Le Maire, however, listed a list of foods that could see their prices drop from July. Find out which ones in our slideshow.