The mosquitoes are back. And this year, the variety of tiger mosquitoes is very present in the territory. Like many French people, you may already have bites. Nevertheless, some are more likely to be the target of these flying insects. Indeed, your diet, your skin or even your feet can more or less attract them.

Sciences et Avenir relayed the results of a study, published in the journal iScience, claiming that we all have an olfactory signature. The objective of the research was to prove that certain smells attracted more than others. “The emanations of human skin, results of our metabolic activity and its microbiota, constitute an “odorous fingerprint” and are the reason why mosquitoes prefer certain individuals to others”, indicates the study translated by the scientific magazine . But like our skin, the soap we use can influence how attractive mosquitoes are to us.

The researchers of the olfactory signature study selected four soaps to try to observe the differences. They then chose Dial, Dove, Native and Simple Truth soaps, which are very popular in the United States. People taking part in the research washed their forearms with one of four products before coming into contact with mosquitoes. But the results are worrying.

Three of the four soaps attracted mosquitoes even more. The ingredients present in these products have therefore altered the body odor of individuals. But one of them seemed to repel mosquitoes. This is the Native compound of coconut. “It is the fatty acids present in coconut oil, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, which would repel insects”, specifies Coralie Lemke of Sciences et Avenir. However, this protocol, having been carried out on only four people, may not be suitable for everyone.

So you can still try to buy a shower gel based on coconut oil to try to escape mosquitoes.