the Russian Government has approved a draft bill on blocking users e-mail for distribution of a controlled and “fake” information reports “Interfax”.

At the same time, in the official opinion of the government said that the project needs to be expanded. In particular, the authors of the document asked “to identify in the text the concept of “organizer messaging service”, to avoid possible expansion”.

PC in Telegraphers on Google news, PC to mobile

the Bill about blocking users e-mail was developed by the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Clisham and his colleagues on the Federation Council Lyudmila Bokova and Alexander Karlin. The authors of the document suggest to fine legal entities for not obeying the law – in that case, if accepted, in the amount of up to 1 million rubles.

In October last year, a bill was introduced in the state Duma. In November about him negatively responded to the Ministry of digital development, communications, and mass communications. The Department stated that the law “violates the principle of net neutrality” and also not technically feasible.

a Rally in support of free Internet in Moscow. April 2018 See takesako about “sovereign Runet”. What happens to the Internet after 1 nebreaska Klishas has headed the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation in may 2012, after the election of Vladimir Putin to the Russian presidency for a third term. Since then, he, in particular, was the author of the laws to toughen penalties for violating the rules of holding rallies, the introduction of liability for insulting the authorities, “fake news” and the Autonomous Internet.

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