Do you have to do your shopping in several times to pay less?


Stratagems to lighten the bill. Inflation on food products continues and many French people are looking to save money at the supermarket. Take advantage of promotions, buy private labels, use vouchers… Some have completely changed their behavior on the shelves and shop in different stores in order to save more.

This is the case of Louise, a forty-year-old living in the Paris region and who now buys from a market gardener for her vegetables, from Lidl for basic necessities and completes from Carrefour. If she chooses the drive for this last passage, she still spends much more time than before doing her shopping for the week. A waste of time… But a gain of money. With this new routine, Louise earns between 10 and 20 euros per week on her bill, which makes a real difference at the end of the month. Above all, paying less all at once, she has the impression of spending less all at once.

This way of doing things is a winning tactic for the 40-year-old, who can compare prices and therefore take the most interesting ones: “I know, for example, that the discounter is not the most competitive when it comes to garbage bags and cottons, so I take them to the supermarket”. On the other hand, for flour, pasta, rice and yogurts, she can’t find cheaper than at Lidl. Savings that allow her to continue to have fun with certain brands at the supermarket: “I haven’t given up my chocolate or my children’s brand cakes,” she explains to Planet.

Be careful, however, to respect your shopping list, so as not to buy too much at each visit. You would then risk ending up with expired products on your hands…