Inflation still weighs on the French. However, since the beginning of June, the rise in prices seems to have been reduced for the majority of products. Whether in supermarkets or at gas stations, a process of disinflation seems to have begun and prices are therefore increasing less than a few months ago.

At the end of 2022, the government introduced a rebate at the pump to reduce the footprint of fuel on household budgets. But since January 1, 2023, these reductions made by the State but also by the company Total, have ended, replaced by a fuel allowance. At that time, prices had then risen again and the French then found themselves having to juggle the price of their shopping basket, their energy bill and fuel.

Fortunately, after a week spent in June, the downward trend in fuel prices seems to be confirmed. Nevertheless, prices continue to fluctuate and may occasionally experience a slight increase.

Since January, the situation has generally improved but still remains complicated for many households. Discover in our slideshow the list of the cheapest gas stations, fuel by fuel*.

*According to figures released by the government and relayed by the website. In order to establish an updated ranking with the most recent data possible, only the figures updated on June 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2023 have been kept in this article.