Reimbursement in sight for certain taxpayers. Validated in August by the Constitutional Council, the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting (CAP) will now save you 138 euros per year.

This tax that you usually receive in your mailbox in November will therefore no longer be distributed by your postman… And you will simply not be deducted.

Be careful though: there are some (not so) special cases.

Indeed, if you are one of the 6.2 million taxpayers exempt from housing tax who have monthly paid their television license fee, all the sums that have been deducted since the beginning of 2022 will be reimbursed to you monthly. of September.

If you are one of the people who still pay the housing tax, on your main or secondary residence… And you are paid monthly, then the part of the deductions corresponding to the audiovisual license fee will be reimbursed to you not from the start of the school year, but in October.

It is also possible that this reimbursement takes the form of a reduction of the remainder of your residence tax.

Be careful ! To receive this refund, it is imperative that your bank details are provided to the tax authorities. Be sure to do this before August 31, 2022 to ensure your money is returned to you. If you have difficulty filling in your bank account details, do not hesitate to contact the service concerned directly.